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China Clothing Manufacturers with Low MOQ

When it comes to clothing manufacturing, China has long been regarded as a global hub for its vast production capabilities and competitive pricing. However, many businesses struggle with high minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirements, especially those starting small or testing new designs. In this article, we will explore some of the China clothing manufacturers that offer low MOQ options, enabling businesses to bring their ideas to life without breaking the bank.

1. is a well-known B2B e-commerce platform that connects buyers and sellers from around the world. It offers a wide range of clothing manufacturers in China, including many with low MOQ requirements. Buyers can easily search and filter suppliers based on their desired MOQ, product type, and other criteria. This allows businesses to find manufacturers that align with their specific needs, whether they are looking for custom-made apparel or off-the-shelf options.


Similar to, is another prominent online platform that connects global buyers with Chinese manufacturers. The platform features a large number of clothing manufacturers, some of which offer low MOQ options. provides detailed supplier profiles, product catalogs, and easy communication channels to facilitate business transactions. Businesses can directly contact manufacturers and negotiate MOQ requirements based on their budget and production needs.

3. Guangzhou Baiyu Fulin Stocklot Trading Co., Ltd:

Guangzhou Baiyu Fulin Stocklot Trading Co., Ltd specializes in stocklot clothing and garments. They offer a wide range of branded and non-branded surplus or leftover inventory at significantly reduced prices. With their extensive network of clothing manufacturers, they can provide low MOQ options, making it an excellent choice for businesses seeking smaller quantities of clothing products.

4. Yiwu Jiuming Trading Co., Ltd:

Yiwu Jiuming Trading Co., Ltd is based in Yiwu City, known as the “world’s largest small commodity wholesale market.” They have a wide range of clothing manufacturers in their network that cater to various needs. From custom-made clothing to off-the-shelf products, they can provide low MOQ options for businesses looking to start or expand their clothing lines.

5. Shenzhen Sincere Tech Co., Ltd:

Shenzhen Sincere Tech Co., Ltd is a manufacturing and trading company that offers low MOQ options for a diverse range of clothing products. They work closely with manufacturers who are willing to accommodate smaller production quantities, making it easier for businesses to test the market or launch limited-edition collections without significant upfront investments.

6. Guangzhou Shangduo Leather Goods Co., Ltd:

Guangzhou Shangduo Leather Goods Co., Ltd specializes in producing a variety of clothing items, including leather jackets, coats, and other fashion garments. They have low MOQ requirements and offer customization options for businesses looking for smaller production runs tailored to their specific designs.

When searching for China clothing manufacturers with low MOQ requirements, it is essential to conduct thorough research, read customer reviews, and communicate directly with potential suppliers. This ensures that businesses find reliable partners who can meet their quality standards, price expectations, and production needs.

In conclusion, while China is well-known for its vast clothing manufacturing capabilities, finding manufacturers with low MOQ requirements can be challenging. However, platforms like and, along with specialized companies like Guangzhou Baiyu Fulin Stocklot Trading Co., Ltd and Yiwu Jiuming Trading Co., Ltd, offer options for businesses seeking smaller quantities of clothing products. By leveraging these resources and communicating directly with manufacturers, businesses can bring their clothing ideas to life without the burden of high MOQ requirements, allowing for more flexibility and cost-effectiveness in launching their fashion ventures.

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